Submission Guidelines

Please follow the steps below before submitting your document(s) for editing or proofreading:

1. Prepare the document in Word file format (.doc, .docx).

2. Add the instruction(s) specifying the type of service requested and the delivery date.

3. Rename your file(s) as follows: Your Name_Date_File number. For example, if your name is Jane Walker, today’s date is 2 April 2021 and your file number is 1, then the name of your file will be Jane Walker_02042021_File 1.

4. The artwork(s) should be sent separately in a high resolution file format (.jpg, .jpeg, .png). Rename your artwork(s) as follows: Your Name_Date_Artwork number.

5. Specify the guideline for referencing. If no guide is specified, APA style will be used.

You can send your document(s) by email to:

How the editing process work?